Sheet Masks

Happy Friday! Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite sheet masks I have discovered and tried over the last couple months. I have a HUGE obsession with anything skin related and love the pampering effects that these sheet masks give. They are also quick and easy to use which is also a + in my book.

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Wedding Planning

Wedding planning, while both a blessing, and a stressor can become one of the most beautiful times in a person’s life. Throughout your time planning, you will be asked only days after your engagement “Did you plan a date yet”. We found this crazy, as we decided to wait awhile before planning anything, and to just enjoy the “now”. However, for those of you who know me, well …. I’m a planner.

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Farm House- Update..Raccoons, Dry Wall, and FOBO.

It has been a couple weeks since my last home update. For awhile it felt like nothing was progressing because all the “behind the scenes” work was happening. Like the plumbing, electric, heating, cooling, etc. So to me it didn’t look much different. But in the last week a lot has changed and our house is starting to look like a home again!!

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Favorite Ways to Wear Neck Scarves

While I was in New York, I obviously did a lot of shopping. On one of my many trips to Urban Outfitters, I found a cute neck scarf that I fell in love with. I didn’t think that I would ever find an outfit or a cause to wear it, BUT I was feeling daring. Read More

NYC the Final Days

It’s been awhile bloggers!! Here is some catch-up tunes to all of the latest adventures in NYC.

Heidi and Meredith came to visit: 

Places worth noting

9/11 Memorial and Museum (Greenwich Street)

Absolutely speechless. The museum was a really beautiful, well put together memorial. There were tears throughout the museum and dead silence except for the audio tapes from the catastrophic day. I didn’t take a lot of pictures inside the museum, I really wanted to absorb everything and pay my respects. I still remember where I was the morning of 9/11, and to have that memory made me want to engage my full attention.

The reflecting pools are also really, really beautiful. There are really no words to describe the beauty and the sorrow that follows suite in these two. They are massive and just majestic. I recommend both of these to any and all tourists.

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New Home-Demo Day(s)

Home update! We have pretty much demoed the whole first and second floor of the house. For me I think the second floor was the biggest transformation. People think I am crazy but I could better picture what the first floor would look like then the second. And during the demo of the second floor we found some old items in the walls and ceiling which I thought was super exciting! Check out the pics below to see the changes we’ve made over the last two weeks!

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Sanibel Island


Sanibel Island, Florida- one of the most relaxing and quiet spots in the United States. This paradise which has no stop lights, and no buildings taller than a palm tree is known specifically for its shelling. The shore is covered in tiny shells, all washed up from the ocean to meet the beautiful white sandy beaches. Sanibel has been a favorite destination spot of all of ours for many years, however recently I was lucky enough to visit once again.

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I’m still here. Another week. While the eyes under my bags have formed a partnership with Kate Spade, I’m getting by. I don’t know if I’m exhausted from not sleeping until 1pm everyday, or from the overwhelming crowds that cause me small panic attacks (everyday).

Note to self: NEVER walk down 46th on Wednesdays. (Hamilton craze) 

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I have a whole lot (of cool) to share.

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Barefoot Blonde

Ugh, so holy crap. I met Barefoot Blonde (Amber Fillerup Clark). We have always followed her blog and LOVE her and her adorable family. Mere saw her Instagram post (which I totally blew right past) and basically forced me to get a ticket to go see her. The event was being held at the Frye shop in Soho (by Frye & Glamour) and Amber was their guest. I asked my roommates to come with, but everyone had to work. So I went by myself. Yes, I was that person. I really wish I was an extrovert. 

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