A Quick Wrap-Up

2015 has come and gone, another year to pass us by. Can you believe it’s 2016?!

In 2015, Meredith and Caroline started Midwest Beach Babes.. for 2016 we decided to revamp our blog and add Hannah to the mix. What’s better than two sisters running a blog? Three, three is the number. So welcome to Three Blondes and a Blog. While you can look over our About Me section- we wanted to give everyone an idea of what this new (and improved) blog will bring, and what the heck we have been up to in 2016. (And what the heck we did in 2015.)

IN 2015……….

The family visited Hannah in the lone star state!

We threw Meredith a perfect bridal shower (biased opinion)

……and of course a bachelorette party.

In 2015……..Hannah found love


So did Mere….


We lost a loved one…


In 2015…… Meredith was a gorgeous bride


In 2015, Caroline found herself at the NEDA Conference (National Eating Disorder Association) so the whole family visited San Diego to celebrate…..


In 2015……

Hannah found her Texas roots!
Mere kept her yogi flow.
Caroline started another year in college.


2015 was a busy/crazy/beautiful/tragic year for the three of us. Of course, we are lucky to always have each other. We can’t wait to see what 2016 has to bring. As for our blog…….

In 2016……….

You’ll hear lots about our dogs, fashion, hair, make-up (as little as we know), traveling, yoga, our life changes……… (I feel like we are missing something?!) We’ll keep in touch of course.





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