Better Yourself

Everyone starts off a new year by vowing to better themselves & change the way they have been behaving in the previous year. At times these goals seem farfetched as well as slightly out of reach. Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds, or maybe you want to start working out more, or maybe you just want to start the New Year off by being healthier (mind, body, & soul). But, what if you vowed to make someone else’s year better? What if, for this year you reached out & helped someone, or something in need.

Volunteer work is important, non-profits could not maintain the day to day work they do every day if they did not have the volunteers who put in the countless hours to help out. Some of my biggest passions in life are helping others, and helping animals. I could write a novel on the countless reasons animals deserve someone to turn to, but I’ll spare you. Volunteer work with animals is ALWAYS rewarding. Who wouldn’t want countless cuddles, sloppy kisses, and someone to love you unconditionally for that moment? Sadly, there are “3.9 million dogs, and 3.4 million cats” each year that enter animal shelters. Adopting an animal not only saves a life, but you are giving an animal a second chance, a way to better their year. But, what if you can’t adopt a pet, whether due to allergies, the place you live doesn’t allow pets, or inconsistent schedules? That is okay! There are nearly 14,000 No-Kill animal shelters in the United States that save countless lives each and every day. One animal shelter I am personally volunteering at is Operation Kindness located in Carrollton, Texas. This No-Kill animal shelter has 350 animals within their shelter, and over 100 more in foster groups and homes. They are always looking for more people to volunteer & help out, so their full time employees can continue to make a difference each and every day.

I love animals, Jeffrey The Goldendoodle is the biggest part of my heart & someday we hope to adopt a pet from a shelter to help grow our little family. As always, please know that animals in this world, wouldn’t stand a chance if there were not people in this world who cherished them, and showed them there is more to this world than pain and suffering.

Jeffrey is so cute!!!!

Save a life today, and get some sloppy kisses while doing so!

Genevieve was rescued from a shelter in Iowa.
Maggie was also rescued ❤


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.57.01 PM.png
& our little Molly!




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