(Decided to change it up a little today, no Wisdom Wednesday, come back for that next week!!)

Ok, so yes I am in college. It’s fun, amazing, best four years of my life…… but ask anyone and they will tell you I am ALWAYS broke. I live in a city full of adorable boutiques with the cutest funkiest clothes and I just cannot contain myself (although I’ve been doing better since one of my favorites closed down). Yes, I have a job (I hate the working life) but I still spend my money on things I a) do not need or b) I can eat/drink in 2 minutes. 

But recently, I’ve been investing in some better items for myself. No, they don’t last forever BUT my clothes are finally fitting into my closet. I’m talking about beauty products. My shower caddy is tipping over slightly from the overload of soaps and other fun stuff but I love it. AND these items are SUPER cheap and SUPER amazing. So here’s my broke college girl’s guide to awesome (cheap) skin …… and whatever else.

Ok so first is Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask:


Ok, so I never usually use face masks- I have really sensitive skin and usually my face just breaks out. But, I love this face mask. I just did it after my shower and my skin feels AWESOMMMEEEE- its a natural charcoal mask that warms as soon as it touches your skin, it feels like little hot coals (not that hot) attacking your pores. You massage it onto your face for 60 seconds and then rinse it off. Ya, 60 SECONDS! When you rinse off the mask, your face tingles and feels fresh (its a weird sensation!). This package comes with a pack of 4 for under $10- doable!!!

Another Bioré product- Deep Cleaning Pore Strips:


Ok, so these little guys are miracle workers. I’ve had mixed reviews but I have seen them work wonders on blackheads (disgusting, but let’s be honest). It’s super easy to use and doesn’t take up too much of your time (girls wear these while doing homework). All you have to do is dampen your nose and smack that strip on there, I think it takes about 15-20 minutes until you can rip it off. Since I got my nose pierced, I haven’t been fond of the ripping off process so you’ll be fine if no nose ring! These again are super cheap- under $15 for 14 strips, woot woot. 

Ok next is my favorite product thus far.. H2O Plus Black Sea Body Scrub 


This little guy! 🙂 Ok, I’m being weird. I LOVEEEEE this scrub. I had a Von Maur gift card a couple months ago and around Christmas time went to spend it. I decided to buy beauty products instead of clothing *sad voice* but super happy I did. This product was on sale for $15, it is usually about $25. GURRRRRRRL LEMME TELL YOU. After I shave my legs (TMI?) I rinse off using this body scrub, I am telling you my legs feel like a baby’s bottom. I run around the sorority house begging girls to touch my legs and then I try to get them to buy this. It’s a wonderful exfoliator and smells amazing- like a sweet citrus mixed with a boy’s cologne. I don’t know, it smells good.

Ok my next product is a bit more on the pricey side (mom bought me these) BUT these last you forever.

Matrix Biolage Shampoo & Conditioner


Ugh, I remember growing up I would BEG my mom to buy me Biolage shampoo. It was usually Herbal Essence that ended up in the cart (which is fine!) but when my wish was granted for a moment, ugh it was heaven. I swear off this shampoo and conditioner, I think this product is the most gentle on my hair, it smells AMAZING and the smell lasts for days (I can pick out a Biolage user in a room of 500) AND like I said it lasts. Since this product is so rich, you hardly have to use too much of it. They come in these tanks of a container (which makes them pricey, but hello months of not having to buy new). I buy mine at Wal-Mart and they usually run for about $20-$25 each.

Bath and Body Lotion & Cream


I (weirdly) have one of these amazing stores in my hometown mall. Thank goodness. I am a fan of their candles, soaps, lotions, everything they have to offer. Yes, their stuff can be a bit pricey BUT they always have the best deals, like get 6 for $20 or something crazy like that (it’s like underwear at Victoria’s Secret). I don’t know one girl who doesn’t have some kind of Bath & Body product in her cupboard at home. Living with 3 girls, our cupboards are full. My favorite products from Bath & Body are their lotions and body creams! The body cream is a little more thicker and SOOOOOO moisturizing (especially in this Iowa winter). After my showers I just bathe myself in these lotions and it feels amazing (I also put these on after using my exfoliating Black Sea scrub and it makes me so soft!!!!!!). I always pick the super beachy summery scents!!! THEY SMELL AMAZING! (Right now I’m using the Waikiki Beach Coconut body cream).These guys run for about $11-$13 a piece, but like I said, they always have sales and weird buy one get 6 free or something (over exaggerating but).


Ok… So that’s all the blabbing I have about my favorite (cheap) products!

Happy Humpday!!!!!!! (we are almost there folks)




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