Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy day of love to you all! 

It’s a blizzard here in Iowa, the perfect weather for a snuggle sesh with my new giant teddy bear and cookie cake. I had the most perfect surprise at my sorority house door this morning, a couple of roses !!!! ❤ I felt like one of the girl’s on The Bachelor finding out they had a one-on-one date. They are sitting on my desk with a ballon from my best friend.

I know this can be a harsh holiday for plenty of people, whether you’re single, without your loved one, or even with your loved one. I try to be my own Valentine more often than not. The cookie cake and giant teddy bear were gifts to myself. Happy frickn’ Valentine’s Day to my soulmate- myself.

Weirdly, I always feel like I have to dress appropriately given each holiday. Obviously, a lot of pink and red will be worn today/tonight. Regardless of my plans, I will probably dress comfy as usual- comfort is ALWAYS my first choice.

Here is my idea of the perfect V-day outfit……

(There’s that balloon from my bestie!)

Swoon Sweater: Wildfox (last years spring collection, some of my other favorite looks here.)

White Turtle Tank: PPLA (also last years spring collection, check out other looks here.)

I love Wildfox. They have the best graphic tees and sweaters (and they are super soft, hello comfort- follow along!). This is one of my favorite brands, if only my poor college self could afford every item I love. AND THIS TANK!!!! I bought it last spring break while in Dallas… It is one of my staple pieces. I wear it under sweaters in the winter, by its self with shorts in the summer. It goes with everything. I even wear it during yoga.

My mom is still and will always be one of my favorite Valentine. This year she brought me a bralette from Aerie and a tshirt “Love & Ice Cream” !! Aerie has some amazing deals today for underwear and bras (jump on that, my favorite!!!). 


She also got me this ADORABLE set….. Is it summer yet!???

Anklet: Me to We– Health Rafiki Bracelet

and of course Reese’s hearts for a perfect day..

Happy Valentine’s Day loves,


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