Friday Favorites!!!! Puppy edition

It’s Friday- finally!!!

As you all know I am pet CRAZED! As most of you also know- I began volunteering at an animal shelter- Operation Kindness, one of the largest no kill animal shelters in the United States. Operation Kindness is home to over 400 animals, and some of those homes consist of foster care. As I began my first day as a volunteer to walk the dogs, and play with the cats, I walked a little roly-poly, black puppy. From that moment on she was mine. Sonia (now known as Jo Jo) came home with us that day, and we have loved her ever since.


Jeffrey and Jo Jo are inseparable, and love to play and romp around. As with any dog or pet you begin to find out what works for you in terms of things your pets enjoy, and what doesn’t work. For instance, Jeffrey has an extremely sensitive stomach. We are in and out of the vet once a month getting medicine, and sensitive stomach dog food just to help him feel better. (We are beginning to find out he is allergic to chicken). So for us we have learned what are good treats and bad treats for him to eat.


Pets teach us a lot about patience, understanding, and love. Our pets can destroy our homes (mine chew up the carpet), they bark at all hours of the night, but they love us unconditionally. Jeffrey and Jo Jo have taught me a lot about myself, and how much patience I have, and don’t have. But most of all they have taught me a lot about love, they are my kiddos, and because of that, they are spoiled rotten.

Here are a few of my favorites- pet edition.

Kong Leash (Found at Pet-Smart) (2 handles)

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 11.51.39 AM.png

Kong Treat dispensing Toy (Found in any pet retail store)


No Hide Chicken Chews (although Jeffrey is allergic to chicken, we are finding out this is the only chew that Jeffrey can have without getting sick! They are 100% digestible, and pets love them!)


What A Great Dog Training Center ( Jeffrey has gone to WAGD ever since he was 12 weeks old, we put him through puppy socialization classes, Manners 1 classes, and Manners 2 classes, and Jeffrey has taken the CGC test, and is a certified Canine Good Citizen. We are still waiting on Jo Jo to have all of her necessary puppy shots before she can attend these classes, but we look forward to her also becoming a Canine Good Citizen. Another thing with WAGD is they have certified training staff who do group training, individualized training, as well as multiple other courses. Jeffrey just loves the staff there- so if you are looking for a good place to train your pet in Texas, Frisco is where to find them!


Three Dog Bakery- We found this hidden Gem in our own neighborhood. Three Dog Bakery is a cute little shop, that has toys, treats, food, and many more items for your pet and even you to enjoy! They also have bow-ties to help make your pet’s look fancy. Jeffrey and Jo Jo love their bakery items!


Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy- All dogs just love this Chew Toy. This will keep them busy, and it has a Wishbone Structure so you don’t have to help them hold it. Jeffrey & Jo Jo constantly battle each other to get this Chew Toy.




Hannah, Jeffrey and JoJo



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