FriYAY Favorites [Iowa City edition]

ugh, thank all the unicorns & fairies it’s frickin Friday😪

that didn’t make much sense, but I’m delirious- I’m dealing……. I think

I thought for today’s Friday favorites I would share some of my loves of my home turf- Iowa City 💛 {not actually my home, but you know a girl gets attached…..} 

I’m getting teary-eyed…. #nevergraduate

Favorite Boutique (via WhiteRabbit) : 

Eerrrrrmerrrrgerd– this is my favorite place in the world. I’ve seen/shopped/been to a lot of boutiques… I have two favorites- one in Dallas and this one right downtown. I spend mostly all my paychecks here (ask my mother). White Rabbit has everything from baby clothes to makeup to posters to secondhand clothing. I love to dress different and the clothes here give me life, they’re super funky and gave me a newfound style. It’s a super fun environment, I literally (kid you not) smile from ear to ear every time I walk in there…. Shopping addiction? Nah😏

Favorite Breakfast (via Hamburg Inn 2) :

Oh, the great debate of Iowa students….. Hamburg or Bluebird 😏  I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow…. Hamburg has the BEST pancakes I swear. Chocolate Chip only tho….


Favorite Drinks (via Graze) : 
I’m 21 !!!!! And I feel old as hell. I’m not a huge drink gal [yes I go to Iowa]… Alcohol doesn’t taste great to me, but these little martinis are delish !! I got the Ruby Red Slipper my last visit, highly recommended {pictured below}

Favorite Desserts (via Bread Garden Market) :

Holy moly…….. Desserts are my favorite thing in the whole world so if you need to know where to find all the best cookies, donuts, scotcharoos, etc. call me. I always get cookies and scotcharoos from here, they are the size of my head which satisfies my wants (& needs) ☺️


Favorite Hang Out (via Rez) :

Coralville Lake is only a few miles away, and regardless of the season the place is absolutely beautiful. There are trails all around the lake, *deep breath* the great outdoors.

Favorite Tattooos (via Release Modifications) :

I have one tattoo, just a little guy. I got it for my 21st bday and I love it- still. It’s something I have wanted forever, and this place was the perfect place to go. I also got my nose pierced here!! They are super nice, informative and CLEAN!!! Important right? 


^there it is😍

Favorite Season :

Ugh, the fall…. Football season is Christmas in Iowa City💛

Favorite Sports Shopppp (via Tailgate Iowa) :

Finding cute college represented clothes is actually a lot harder than you think. Everything is exactly the same, and a tshirt is $20. No. Luckily (not according to my wallet) we have Tailgate Clothing downtown! It’s a rather new little store to our campus, but I can guarantee that they are making sales! They have the CUTEST fan shirts [wearing one right now as I type this]. Fan shirts, Iowa shirts, Iowa City based shirts. Not to mention they have the two cutest little gals running the place. 


^yo dat me

Favorite fries (via Nodo) : 

This place is a little hole in the wall and my new fave restaurant. To be completely honest, I’m not a French fry gal. Shocking? I know. Am I American? Maybe. I’m not a picky eater just a picky French fry eater. THESE FRIES ARE AMAZING! Perfect crispy and golden and perfect. They come with their homemade garlic aioli- splurge dude. So worth it.

I love u Iowa City❤️



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