Sunday funday

This phrase needs to be added to the dictionary. So today wasn’t Sunday funday (it’s raining I’m laying in bed), but yesterday I had some fun😇

First I grabbed lunch with some of my girls, @ Mickey’s Irish Pub🍀

Not sure where my head was on Friday, I forgot Mickey’s. My favorite fish & chips source is the great Mickey’s. I got their fish sandwich yesterday and still amazing. They make their own tartar sauce ugh I gravitate to it. Apparently I didn’t even think to take a picture of my perfectly fried fish and krinkle fries, but just trust me on this one, ok? (I think I was just too hungry).

Afterwards we headed to a fun craft show downtown….

I seriously love craft shows. I love just looking around and seeing all these awesome products people have designed and created (not to mention I love supporting these fun brands).  This is one of my dreams one day so I love to meet others.

How fricken cool did they make these- seriously.

Some of my favorites were there. ULTRATERRESTRIAL &  Neon Magic (check out their instas @ultra_terrestrial @neonmagic666). They have really funky junky stuff that I just love. And then some of my new favorites were discovered- Ebb & Flow and True Colors Tie Dye Art.

Ebb & Flow has beautiful whimsical jewelry. It’s very gypsy-soul feeling. I tried on a lot of the earrings and the necklaces were to die for. She also had candles and other delicious smelling aroma therapy products. I was sold on her Goddess Dust she told me Free People is now selling it (which may or may not have sold me) & said its a fun summer highlighter, shimmer or eyeshadow.

It’s just a faint shimmer but it’s super light-weight and just beautiful. I wore it last night as eye shadow and I loved it. She has an Etsy account go check her out. 

Next- ok I have this weird obsession with tie-dye. So True Colors was so perfect. I’m still curious as to how she makes these awesome tees, seriously. I’ve seen the work in White Rabbit (featured in our last Friday favorites post), but I LOVED seeing all the variety. There’s tie-dye crop tops, tie-dye aliens, tie-dye pizza, tanks, dog shirts, baby onesies, etc.

I got this cool dude. I’m never one to turn down a cheeseburger so why not?

I, of course, had to get one of my favorites – ULTRATERRESTRIAL. She creates the funniest stickers, pins, key chains, tattoos. I have a very sarcastic humor and  a terrible potty mouth so these are perfect in every way. I have some of the stickers decorating my technology devices (“Rad as hell, broke as shit”; “COOL SHIT”; & my personal favorite “Have a fu***** mystical day”). 

 I added this little guy to the collection, what a rad key chain for my wallet (White Rabbit). 

I finished the day off with some ColdStone and The Life of Pablo. You could say it was successful.

Make sure to check out all these fun brands on Insta or Etsy!!

Enjoy your Sunday🌦



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