Welcome to New York (it’s been waiting for you) 

Thanks Taylor Swift, I’ll take it from here. So, I just moved to the big apple. Yeah, wtf. Still not sure how the hell I got here or why I decided to do this, but I’m making progress. It’s been a HUGE move for me, my anxiety has torn my stomach apart and food has been hardly enjoyable.. But like I said progress people. 

Now, I moved to NYC for reasons I’m sure many of my friends and family know. I accepted an internship at my favorite non profit organization NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association). Their headquarters are in New York, and I first applied just for the hell of it (thinking there was no way I would get it), but hey I did and now I’m here. I’m their communications intern- working with social media, blogs and press releases. Right up my alley😉 So check out their website, Instagram and Facebook for some (maybe) drafts of my work!

I’ve known about my internship since February, but since then I haven’t really put it into my head that I’m coming here (all by myself). I guess I just was trying to save myself from being nervous, so I’m pretending I’m at summer camp. I just for a second thought of the distance I am from home and cringed a tiny bit so hold on let me gather myself. OK, yeah this is crazy. But it’s absolutely awesome. My 6th grade self wanted to move to NYC so I’m holding onto that little dream girl🌟

I’ve only been here a week, but I wanted to post updates weekly of new places I’ve eaten, visited and shopped at! This is also a huge motivator for me to get out and explore!! I’m scared of getting lost, but that’s happened already. My feet are still recovering (tip, always bring comfy shoes). And everyone I’ve talked to, some of which have already lived here before still get lost sometimes so that’s pretty cool (and makes me feel better). Yes, mom and dad, I’ve made friends. I’m capable of communicating with other humans.

But anyways, time for some stories!!

Places I’ve eaten:

Eataly (located in the Flatiron district) 

So I recommend this for anyone who is visiting. It has probably been my favorite foodie place thus far. My dad showed it to me and we ate there for dinner one night. The place is just a work of art. It’s a grocery store but also has restaurants built inside. There is a pasta place, pizza place, gelato and a place for you to just indulge in cheese & wine *cheers*. I kept thinking it would be a perfect place for a date!! The grocery store is all food imported from Italy, and the usual notable meat counter is an artistic “pasta counter” with perfect displays of uncooked pasta❤️

We had pizza the night we visited. My dad opted for his favorite the Calzone and my mom and I shared the “Fru Fru” which is a mixed platter of the Margherita pizza, Ventura and the Calzone! I mean it was absolutely delicious, perfectly cooked and SO FRESH! I mean, fresh cut mozzarella and the meat was perfectly shaven. Amazing. Sorry no pictures to show, I guess I just ate it all too quickly😏


Linen Hall (3rd Avenue)

Ugh!!! We went to this place after moving me into my new place (through NYU housing- dorm style). It was the afternoon but we decided on brunch menu, because brunch is the best meal of the day. My mom and I got the Breakfast BLT (mine without the L and T😂) it was cooked onto a croissant and was so delicious. The croissant just fell apart, it was amazing. My dad got the French Toast (of course, his favorite). It looked super good and he complimented and recommended it highly! We all three got house fries which were also very good! This place would be perfect for a Sunday funday brunch day!! They had fun cocktails and (obvi good food!)


Flatiron Hall (West 26th Street)

This was the first place we visited once we made it to the city. Super expensive and probably our most expensive meal; but the food was very good! I have a weird obsession with warm soft pretzels so we, of course, ordered that off the appetizer menu! I mean huge, but just a little bit of salt (and pixie dust!) and so warm! 

Also, I got the fish & chips for a meal.

How pretty!!!! The fish was fried to perfection. Loved.


Places worth noting:

Basics Plus 

These are EVERYWHERE around me. They have everything house supplies. Cooking, bath, office, etc. Not super pricey and the stuff is actually super cute!! I got just little supplies here for my new place like a key chain. Yeah, like I said little stuff.

HOW CUTE IS THAT LIL DUDE! He also quacks, what.

West side Market 

Again, these are everywhere. Well not everywhere but many a locations. This is a fun grocery store, lots of fresh food in the back pantry and bakery. New salads made daily and sandwiches…….. And cookies. Again, really reasonably priced!! I bought a sandwich, chips and a cookie today for $11. The cookie was the size of my head, but I’m not ever complaining. They also have these cookies THAT ARE MY FAVORITE. I can only find them at the University Hosptials (lol), so this place is feeling more like home❤️

Chelsea Market 

This is the artsy-ist place I have ever been. It’s this indoor food hall supplied with vendors offering food (from gelato, cheese and nuts, wine, cheesecake!) and little shops with souvenirs and other cute supplies. They have an Anthropology inside (ugh) and a Fat Witch Bakery that I’m dying to try (they were closed when I went). My mom, dad and I ate at Friedman’s Lunch. It was amazing homestyle food, and not super pricey. My favorite item was their special – Spinach and artichoke dip. 



Other than visiting these uber fun places, I’ve just been hanging around and exploring the city. So far I’ve spent some money at the Trader Joe’s Wine Shop– no regrets there. Haven’t drank them yet, but TGIF amirite?! I’ve started a journal of “Things I’ve Learned While Living in NYC” (to be posted at the end of the summer….) so far the list is long. Now, for your enjoyment some more pictures of the city.

Union Square Park

^ yesterday’s agenda. A great book and some wine!!!

That’s all for now,


Miss New York

One thought on “Welcome to New York (it’s been waiting for you) 

  1. I’m drooling over your photos and loving your awesome descriptions, Writer Girl! If you’ve already done all of that in your first WEEK, your adventures and discoveries will be an amazing list for sure! I am constantly thinking of you and wondering what you are up to in the Big Apple (enviously…) so keep those blogs coming! Kudos to you for throwing up your hands and just getting out there, getting lost, and finding your way back–sore feet and all. You have a writer’s soul–always exploring and seeing the world through your own lens. Love that!

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