Week 2 NYC

Well my second week in NYC has come and gone. The days really do just fly by here. I’ll be honest, after this week I was ready to take the first flight home back to Iowa. Today, however, gave me a change of heart and I’m starting to really love it here. I think the homesickness just took over me & I really miss Grimes sweet corn! But, anyways here’s all I did this week!

Bars worth noting

Bowery Electric (327 Bowery) 

This is a really fun bar and dance club to go to. The vibe was very chill, yet very fun. The DJ was amazing, 90’s throwbacks and early 2000’s. The basement opens up later in the evening where there is a dance floor (DJ & disco ball) and bar. Everyone was dancing on the stage and having so much fun. Probably one of my favorite bars so far!

B-Bar (40 E 4th St) 

This is a much more chill scene. Not as much dancing, (we definitely made a dance floor). It has nice lounge seating outside on their patio and inside to eat and drink. Very crowded on the weekends and fun lanterns hung overhead. A large place with lots of seating. Overall, a chill environment!


Ray’s Pizza (2 St Marks Pl) 

Perfect for the walk home after a night out!! Pizza slices are, of course, huge… But New York pizza is NY pizza. Delish.

Union Square Park

This is right down the street from my dorm. Perfect for readying a book or laying out in the sun (where are the pools!!!??). They have some beautiful statues and art-


{The monument, donated by the Gandhi Memorial International Foundation and underwritten by Mohan B. Murjani of Murjani International, Ltd., was installed at Union Square because of the tradition of protest associated with the park. The champion of nonviolent protest and Indian independence from Britain, arguably one of the most important figures of the 20th century, is seen here grasping a staff in his right hand, looking towards a point on the horizon, and walking forward. Clad in sandals and a cotton dhoti, Gandhi’s dress illustrates his Hindu asceticism as well as his support for Indian industries. After its installation the monument became an instant pilgrimage site, with an annual ceremony taking place on Gandhi’s birthday, October 2.} NYCGOVPARKS


 {Titled Morphous, the work by South African artist Lionel Smit depicts a contemporary, feminized version of Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings.} Timeout

The park is full of fun street art (acts), there is a palm reader everyday and meditators along with chess players lined up and down the walk way by the subway entrance.

~the palm reader leaves her set up for a chat with a friend 🔮 check out that crystal ball ^

Union Square also has this little Farmer’s Market everyday. Fresh fruit, breads, flowers, art, etc. One day after work I passed by this adorable stand with fresh daisies, roses & dried flowers. They were all super cheap (for NYC), I wanted to buy fresh daisies BUT I don’t have a vase and I don’t really need to buy one right now. So instead I bought a pair of dried flowers they had set in a small flower pot. They also had wreaths and bouquets– absolutely beautiful. ($10 for this little dude)

Mermaid Parade (Coney Island)

This was a super fun event that my mom had told me about this week. I looked it up and really did not expect a huge outlandish event like it was. There were thousands of people at this parade in Coney Island, and everyone was dressed head-to-toe in mermaid apparel. Whether it was just a mermaid t-shirt or a starfish in their hair. There were people decked out for this, scales and glitter and beads, shell bras and fins, wigs galore. It was amazing to say the least. However, we did not stay long– we couldn’t see much of the parade (so I wish we would have arrived sooner than right when it started) and it was super duper hot. All of the sight seeing we wanted to do (Nathan’s Hot Dogs & beach) were hard to get to because of police block offs and crowds!

{some mermaid fashion check out some more fashion here}

{my touristy souvenir… we totally look alike, right?!}


Instead of staying there much longer, we ventured out into the city and visited lots of amazing sights! (I had to take three Advil after I got home and a hot shower)

We went to the Meatpacking district located on the far west side of Manhattan (right next to Chelsea). I’ve never been to this side of town, but it is full of fun restaurants, night life lounges, and Google headquarters! A really fun area, and one that I recommend a tourist to see! The Chelsea Market is located in these whereabouts (see previous post!)

We walked along the High LineThe High Line is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. It runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues.

{a peek of the old train tracks}

It is SOSOSOSOOOOOO beautiful up there, gorgeous gardening, art and they have mini food trucks for tacos and ice cream and other treats. We walked along the whole thing, which really doesn’t take very long, because there is so much to look at! At the end there is this beautiful view of the Hudson River. They also had these fun little viewing stations (set with wooden bleachers) to look out onto the streets. Overall, highly recommended. 

{Ice cream sandwich *Evil Twin* from Melt AMAZING}

{All views from the High Line}

 Other places worth noting

Flying Tiger (920 Broadway)

This place has the CUTEST little knick knacks and other fun supplies (plates, cups, bowls, desk supplies, pillows, rugs) and all for very cheap. I bought three things for $10. Seriously I could have bought the entire store, I love love love stuff like this. Unnecessary stuff, but its all so cute.

Check out my favorite items here & here & here(I do have the illuminating rabbit and I love it!) 

 {Also bought these little shake and cool ice packs! Couldn’t resist!}

Ok, now to bed and some OITNB season 4.



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