Hello beautiful people πŸ™‚ Welllll we bought a house!!!! My husband and I had been looking for an acreage for YEARS! But where we live it is hard to find an acreage that is close to town and at a reasonable price point…

The whole process happened very quickly. Our relator contacted us that a couple was getting ready to sell their acreage and had found a house they wanted to put an offer on. We went and looked at their acreage and the next day made an offer. After years of looking for an acreage it felt kind of surreal that it was really happening…I almost didn’t believe it! But they accepted our offer and the first weekend of June we took possession!

The area is not too far from where we currently live which is really nice and convenient. Not only that but we have gained a ton of space (outdoors) which make my husband super happy and excited.

Now onto the exciting part…for me… the house! The house is an adorable old farm house. I think they estimated about 96 years old. The house is really in wonderful shape but for what we are looking for we decided to update. Older homes typically were built a lot different from homes now where there were many smaller sectioned off rooms. Now what is popular is an open floor plan so we plan to open up the main floor to have a more inviting space. Follow us along on our journey and check out the mass of photos below πŸ™‚



Before-The main entrance living area as well as dining

Before– Kitchen


Currently- Demoed! (view from kitchen into living area and dining)


Having so much fun…


Dining room


Eeeekkkk the kitchen is gone (Luna photo bombing)




Luna’s favorite thing to do…Hide from me


Mike’s exciting part- his building pad


Distracted by nature…


Farm life is the hard life

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue on this journey of fixing up our new home! One thing I have learned so far through this process is it is HARD work and definitely not as fun as Chip and Joanna make it look…..I need their crew to come help. #fixerupper

Talk to you soon! xoxo M

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