Barefoot Blonde

Ugh, so holy crap. I met Barefoot Blonde (Amber Fillerup Clark). We have always followed her blog and LOVE her and her adorable family. Mere saw her Instagram post (which I totally blew right past) and basically forced me to get a ticket to go see her. The event was being held at the Frye shop in Soho (by Frye & Glamour) and Amber was their guest. I asked my roommates to come with, but everyone had to work. So I went by myself. Yes, I was that person. I really wish I was an extrovert. 

So first and foremost, I had to find an outfit. While, yes I have plenty of clothes… I packed one suitcase of my belongings to NYC. So all of my clothes are back in a closet in Iowa. So Urban Outfitters. 

Check out my favorite dresses I tried here, here, here, here & here.

(I also prepared for the event with a Carrot mask by It’s Skin)

(… skin was baby soft after, recommended) 

I opted for the Kimchi Blue Plunging Button-Down Midi Dress.

(Mirror pics amirite?)

I paired this dress with my Steve Madden Darcie sandals (so comfy!!), my Kate Spade satchel (older but other cute option here) & my Bella Lariat Necklace from Urban Outfitters (this is my new essential).

The event had about 125 people sign up to go (I think was the maximum!). It was held at The Frye Company (Spring St in Soho).  Some really amazing stuff, by the way.

Free wine was served along with mini *cute* horderves.

They had a “braid bar” set up (Amber is like a braid enthusiast)

which was a super cute idea and a contest to enter for a chance to win Amber’s summer picks from Frye footwear collection.

(How many times can I fill my name out?)🤔

I need a pair of booties in every color.

It was a crazy gorgeous store & they had a DJ to keep the ~good vibes~ rolling.

Overall, such a fun amazing event. I was so excited I actually went. (Going alone was huge for me).

Here’s THE Barefoot Blonde & I! 

It was so strange meeting her, because I feel like I already know her from following her snapchat and Instagram. Her husband was there and they are just adorable. Also, I want to comment on how sweet she is in person. She’s so humble and genuine, LOVED her!

Ta-ta for now


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