I’m still here. Another week. While the eyes under my bags have formed a partnership with Kate Spade, I’m getting by. I don’t know if I’m exhausted from not sleeping until 1pm everyday, or from the overwhelming crowds that cause me small panic attacks (everyday).

Note to self: NEVER walk down 46th on Wednesdays. (Hamilton craze) 

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I have a whole lot (of cool) to share.

Food worth noting

Cookie DŌ (2nd and 39th)

DŌ allows you to eat cookie dough exactly how you crave it. I remember as a kid always having those Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie dough squares in the fridge. I’d always sneak a couple more than my stomach could allow. I have very vivid memories of laying in my moms trunk of her van and crying because I ate too many. Moral of the story, I love cookie dough- and this is without the crying and aches.

(I got InDŌpendence Cake Batter)

Bubby’s (the High Line)

Last time I was at the High Line, I passed this adorable place (cute outdoor seating) and viewed the menu. They have brunch (perfect!) and weirdly breakfast for dinner (sold). Breakfast food is my favorite and helps me feel like I’m at home (we eat breakfast food a lot). So this weekend, I was in the area again and grabbed dinner (breakfast). 

I ordered Bubby’s Breakfast– which comes with eggs, bacon, home fries (not usually my style, but AMAZING) and toast (or biscuit)….. I got a biscuit. Good choice. This was probably my favorite meal in NYC thus far.

(Also ordered cheesy artichoke dip for an appetizer)

Rosie O’Grady’s  (7th Avenue)

Shoutout to my aunt and uncle (and cousins!) for bringing me to dinner. We had a late night dinner after School of Rock on broadway- this place is right around the corner from Winter Garden. I didn’t take any pictures this time (it was dim lighted, I didn’t want to draw attention). I ordered the Maryland Crab Cakes (which came with a side of mashed potatoes and broccoli). This was super savory and delicious!

I also got a slice of cheesecake, I can’t help my sweet tooth. Highly recommend this place. 

City Kitchen (Times Square) 

This is my new favorite place for lunch. My co-workers and I went here yesterday, although it was crazy crowded (I just keep complaining) the place was super cute and the food was amazing. It’s a food hall, with seven different vendors. A Mediterranean inspired takeaway called ilili BOX, sushi from Azuki, donuts and other pastries from Dough, Mexican style food from Gabriela’s Taqueria, ramen style from Kuro Obi, seafood from Luke’s and burgers and fries from Whitmans. Quite the variety!! I opted for a cheese quesadilla (and chips with salsa) from Gabriela’s. The chips came out nice and warm and the quesadilla was crunchy (& cheesy) just like moms!

Places worth noting

Whitney Museum of American Art (Gansevoort Street)

I felt as though I had to visit a museum before I could really say my journey here was complete. I checked out the lot of them- there are tons btw in NYC. The Whitney interested me (mainly because of location, where I could eat at Bubby’s afterwards). First of all, the building in which the Whitney resides is beautiful. There was a balcony resting off each floor, with a beautiful view of the city.

This was my first actual art museum and I really enjoyed it. It was just what I needed, some quiet air with beautiful artistry.

(I love Amy Winehouse, so this tribute was my favorite ^)

Others worth noting

School of Rock (Winter Garden Theater)

Also, I had to see a broadway show before my journey was complete. My family was in town this weekend, and took me with them to the show! Thanks Uncle Pete and Aunt Cheryl! I really do recommend the show, it was super funny and a lot of high energy (unlike any other broadway show- noted from my theater smart cousin!). It was more of a rock show vibe, but I was amazed with the performances (especially from the KIDS!!!!! Why did I quit violin after 4 weeks?)

Alright, that is all I have.

Let the journey continue.




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