Puppy Party






haha love the way he’s sitting…


Uncle Mack came to the party!!








Best party favor..tennis ball


The morning after…lounge time


Happy almost weekend! A couple weeks ago Luna had her 1st birthday!!! It was perfect timing with my sister Hannah in town that weekend. She brough Luna’s cousins with her Jeffrey and JoJo (find them on instagram @thetailsofjeffreyandjojo ) and we had a big birthday bash! Mack my in laws silver lab also joined the party 🙂 Pepper (kitty) did not join the puppy festivities….

Clearly Luna and all our pups are totally spoiled and currently they are very much like our children. We love all their quirks and craziness. Wanted to share some cute puppy love to help finish out the week and a big Happy Birthday to my girl Luna!

Doggie Cake: Three Dog Bakery- Peanut Butter

Party Favors: KONG Airdog ball

Love Sac Cover: Super Sac Cover Chocolate Velvet

German Shepherd- Luna

Golden Doodle- Jeffrey

Black and white dog- JoJo

Silver Lab- Mack

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