Farm House- Update..Raccoons, Dry Wall, and FOBO.

It has been a couple weeks since my last home update. For awhile it felt like nothing was progressing because all the “behind the scenes” work was happening. Like the plumbing, electric, heating, cooling, etc. So to me it didn’t look much different. But in the last week a lot has changed and our house is starting to look like a home again!!

Mike’s building has changed a lot since my last update. This was taken a couple weeks ago..img_1101

Even in the last week it has changed quite a bit…

img_1189A roof and doors 🙂 (well almost)



We also had a little visitor this week…Not sure i’m ready for country living because I think he/she is adorable!



Now to the inside… Dry wall has started going up!






I knew this bathroom was going to be small but I didn’t realize how tiny! It is crazy how much smaller things feel when all your walls are closed up again.


Below is our soon to be master closet and bath…Probably what I am most excited for!


Still looks really rough I know. And a lot of work to still be done. But once the dry wall was added I really felt the pressure of how much more we have to do to get things finished so we can move in. I am terrible at making decisions I have serious FOBO (fear of better options) which makes picking things out and actually buying stuff difficult for me. We did pick tile this week so stay tuned for some sneak peeks on my Instagram (here ). Any suggestions on appliances would be greatly appreciated that is next on my list to figure out! Thanks for checking out our journey on our farm house I have a feeling things are going to keep drastically changing over the next couple weeks! 🙂 Leaving you with what I think would be the perfect place for a tree swing (sigh) dreaming of country nights at my farm house.

xoxo M





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