Sheet Masks

Happy Friday! Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite sheet masks I have discovered and tried over the last couple months. I have a HUGE obsession with anything skin related and love the pampering effects that these sheet masks give. They are also quick and easy to use which is also a + in my book.


Currently a couple of my favorite brands for sheet masks are KarunaDr Jart+, and TonyMoly. Each brand has several different sheet masks for a variety of different skin needs/issues. The ones I have pictured above are a few I almost always have around the house because I feel they benefit my skin the most.


First I will talk about Karuna. This is by far one of my favorite brands of sheet maks. I love the packaging they just make the whole process seem more elegant. This one above ( Age Defying Mask) I  especially love for anti aging benefits. But I also recommend the hydrating masks which I have pictured at the end as well as the Renewal Eye Mask. I love eye masks for nights I may not have gotten as much sleep as I would have liked to 🙂 Perfect to stick on and get ready in the morning. These masks run about $8-$10 a piece. And I almost always purchase from Sephora but I have also seen this brand at Von Maur as well as Anthropologie.


Next up is TonyMoly. The packaging on these masks are all fun and brightly colored they make me want to have sleep overs with all my girlfriends and have a spa night! I have tried several of the different masks: Aloe Sheet Mask for moisturizing, Tomato Sheet Mask to help  hydrate as well as brighten, and Tea Tree Sheet Mask to soothe the skin. They are a bit cheaper then Karuna. You can get 1 mask for about $4. Sephora normally sells them in packs of 2 for $7.50-$8. They also now sell this brand at Aerie!

Last but not least Dr Jart+. I truly have loved every single product I have tried from Dr Jart+. Hopefully I will get a chance to write another post just on those products but today is about sheet masks and rounding out my favorites is the Dr Jart+ Water Replinishment Sheet Mask. My skin needs and loves a lot of moisture so this is definetly one of my faves! And will be as we keep coming into the colder months. Dr Jart+ depending on the mask ranges from $7.50-$12.




Luna love sheet mask nights




Sheet mask photos are silly and I figured you would know how the maks goes on so I did not add one of me wearing it. I tried but I looked like a goof in all of them haha.Which is what makes doing these sheet masks with friends and family so much fun. My mom always gets a kick out of herself when she is wearing a sheet mask.

Last bit of info. Depending on the type of mask you buy they may have protective cover on like the above Karuna mask or it will just be the mask folded up inside. You can use a sheet mask as much as every single day or just days where you feel like your skin needs a bit extra. I have gotten into the kick of doing some sort of mask 4-5 days a week. The packaging will suggest how long to leave on for I think it is generally 15-30 minutes. Once removed just add your moisturizer to seal in all the goodness! Soon I will post my favorite non sheet masks but i’m still picking out and testing those. Hopefully sometime this weekend you have a chance to pamper yourself and test a few out!


xoxo M

Honorable Mentions: Sephora Green Tea Eye MaskToo Cool For School Egg Cream Mask

Most Convenient: Target-Miss Spa Hydrate Sheet Mask



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