Hi all! My name is Meredith and the oldest of the 3 blondes! I am a wife, mom to two fur babies (Luna & Pepper), and currently living in Iowa!

This blog is a way for me to share my creative side and stay close to my two sisters! Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for reading!


Hey! I’m Hannah and currently living in Texas with my boyfriend and golden doodle Jeffrey! I’m excited to share all my silly and crazy stories about Jeffrey and everything i’ve learned a long the way. I’m also looking forward to sharing my adventures around Texas and all the things i’ve learned from moving to a new state! Enjoy and thanks for following along with me!


Hi!!!! I’m Caroline, the youngest of the three^! I’m currently living in Iowa attending a Big Ten University. I’m studying journalism which brings me here- the blog. I have two semesters to go with no clue where my life will bring me. I’ve got my Blondes to help me along the way.

Welcome to my journey, and ours. Thanks for reading♥


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