Hello beautiful people 🙂 Welllll we bought a house!!!! My husband and I had been looking for an acreage for YEARS! But where we live it is hard to find an acreage that is close to town and at a reasonable price point…

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Week 2 NYC

Well my second week in NYC has come and gone. The days really do just fly by here. I’ll be honest, after this week I was ready to take the first flight home back to Iowa. Today, however, gave me a change of heart and I’m starting to really love it here. I think the homesickness just took over me & I really miss Grimes sweet corn! But, anyways here’s all I did this week!

Bars worth noting

Bowery Electric (327 Bowery) 

This is a really fun bar and dance club to go to. The vibe was very chill, yet very fun. The DJ was amazing, 90’s throwbacks and early 2000’s. The basement opens up later in the evening where there is a dance floor (DJ & disco ball) and bar. Everyone was dancing on the stage and having so much fun. Probably one of my favorite bars so far! Read More

Welcome to New York (it’s been waiting for you) 

Thanks Taylor Swift, I’ll take it from here. So, I just moved to the big apple. Yeah, wtf. Still not sure how the hell I got here or why I decided to do this, but I’m making progress. It’s been a HUGE move for me, my anxiety has torn my stomach apart and food has been hardly enjoyable.. But like I said progress people.  Read More

Friday Favorites May 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!! I tend to be very superstitious so I am not a huge fan of any Friday the 13ths but I am hoping this one shapes up to be a good one. Even with the full moon tonight….. Anyway here are some of my favorites from the week!

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Sunday funday

This phrase needs to be added to the dictionary. So today wasn’t Sunday funday (it’s raining I’m laying in bed), but yesterday I had some fun😇

First I grabbed lunch with some of my girls, @ Mickey’s Irish Pub🍀

Not sure where my head was on Friday, I forgot Mickey’s. My favorite fish & chips source is the great Mickey’s. I got their fish sandwich yesterday and still amazing. They make their own tartar sauce ugh I gravitate to it. Apparently I didn’t even think to take a picture of my perfectly fried fish and krinkle fries, but just trust me on this one, ok? (I think I was just too hungry).

Afterwards we headed to a fun craft show downtown….

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FriYAY Favorites [Iowa City edition]

ugh, thank all the unicorns & fairies it’s frickin Friday😪

that didn’t make much sense, but I’m delirious- I’m dealing……. I think

I thought for today’s Friday favorites I would share some of my loves of my home turf- Iowa City 💛 {not actually my home, but you know a girl gets attached…..} 

I’m getting teary-eyed…. #nevergraduate

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Friday Favorites- March Madness Style

Hello wonderful people!! Happy Friday! We have been MIA for a little while but we have some surprises headed your way and lots of new material…. but today we are just sticking with Friday Favorites with a bit of a twist…..March Madness style!!! I am a big  HUGE college basketball fan. I love watching basketball and was born and raised a Kansas Jayhawk  so Kansas basketball runs strong through our family. It just so happens this year the first round is taking place in Iowa (Des Moines to be specific!!) and Kansas has been playing here. Yesterday  my dad, Caroline, and I went to the game and pep rally at Wells Fargo Arena and it was a blast! Check out my favorites below to help get in the March Madness spirit! 🙂

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Friday Favorites

It’s my favorite time of the week!!!!!

Favorite Look (via FreePeople Instagram) : How GORGEOUS/FABULOUS is this dress?!?!??!! I haven’t been able to find it on Free People’s website yet, I think this is a sneak peak for future line. Either way, I HAVE to have it. I would do anything for this dress- I can’t afford it I’m sure (*rad as hell & broke as shit*) I’m just going to start saving, which is a huge challenge.. So beautiful.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.49.40 AM.png

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Friday Favorites!!!! Puppy edition

It’s Friday- finally!!!

As you all know I am pet CRAZED! As most of you also know- I began volunteering at an animal shelter- Operation Kindness, one of the largest no kill animal shelters in the United States. Operation Kindness is home to over 400 animals, and some of those homes consist of foster care. As I began my first day as a volunteer to walk the dogs, and play with the cats, I walked a little roly-poly, black puppy. From that moment on she was mine. Sonia (now known as Jo Jo) came home with us that day, and we have loved her ever since.


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Wisdom Wednesday 

I forgot it was Wednesday.. It’s been a long week I guess? 😕

A little wisdom, happy hump day..